Assessment of network operators

Ukraine is one of the biggest countries of Europe with a population of over 46 million people. According to A.T.Kearney agency rating in 2005 Ukraine ranked on the 3-rd position, in 2006 - on the 4-th, in 2007 - on the 5-th, following such giants as Russia and India (A.T.Kearney Global Retail Development Index and is among the leading countries recommended for '' immediate entering'' by retail networks, considering progressive business development.

The main reason for growing interest towards Ukraine is a steady rise in economics: a growth of GDP for January-August 2008 accounted for 7,1% in relation January-August 2007 (

Direct foreign investments in Ukraine have grown by 23,4% since the beginning of the year. As a consequence a real increase of consumption and domestic turnover accounted for 125.8% in January-July 2008 in relation to January-July 2007.

Kyiv extremely stands out against the background of Ukraine by income level, growth rate and is the biggest and richest city of the country with a population of about 3 million people. The salary level in the city is almost twice above the average indicator in other cities of Ukraine. Real incomes growth rates is 18.5 %, those of retail turnover - above 30%. The contemporary trade is developed at high rates as a consequence of retail development. This is favored by a swift development of retail networks and a considerable rise in the consumer's loyalty to the malls. Considering the opportunities of long-term development for network operators Kyiv is doubtless the most promising option.

Market trend

As the market for commercial real estate of Kyiv is still at the stage of growth Kyiv remains the most investment-attractive city. The main market feature is the shortage of quality commercial real estate and growing demand, which still exceeds the supply.
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