Ukraine is situated in the central part of the Eastern Europe. It has common borders with Byelorussia in the north, Hungary, Romania and Moldova in the south and the southwest, Russia in the east, Poland and Slovakia in the west. The Southern coast of Ukraine is washed by Black and Azov seas. Ukraine stretches 893 kilometers from the north to the south, and 1316 kilometers from the west to the east. The country occupies the area of 603,7 square kilometers.

Population 46.3 million
Area 603 700 km2
Карта Украины
Карта Киева


Kyiv - is one of the biggest cities in Europe. It stands pre-eminent as the administrative, economic, research, cultural and educational centre of a new independent state of Ukraine. The area of Kyiv is 836 sq. km. Only 350 sq. km or 42,3% have been built up within the city limits. All the rest is the area of reservoirs and forest tracts and green plantings in general use. The area of forest tracts and green plantings constitutes 214 sq. m per one citizen; this is one of the best indicators in the world.

official population 2.68 million
actual population 4.5 million


The object is located on the busiest transport point of the western part of the Ukrainian capital. Peremohy avenue, one of the biggest thoroughfares b of Kyiv, is the "western gateway" of the city as well as the continuation of the transnational highway E-40, passing through 4 European countries. The high population density of surrounding areas, subway station with high passenger traffic, objects of local and all-Ukraine value, high business activity provide significant people flows in the object area, creating a large trade potential of the location. Recreation park zone is also attractive advantage for the development of trade and entertainment and business centers.

Characteristics of location

  • 50 meters from the subway station "NIVKI" (41 thousand per day)
  • Peremohy avenue (143 thousand per day)
  • Thoroghfare - 25 routes of public transport
  • Availability: City Center - 15 minutes by car or subway
  • 900.000 residents in the 15 minutes transport accessibility area

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